TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Pilgrimage, an interdisciplinary phenomenon

DUMITRU HORIA IONESCU, Pilgrimage, an interdisciplinary phenomenon
The article points to the issue of pilgrimage as a manifestation of religious sentiment, based on two
books dedicated to this subject: Detlev Lienau, Religion through travel, and Mirel Banică The need
for miracle. For Detlev Lienau, the contemporary pilgrimage is neither a form of eccentric leisure
nor a way to fi nd out one’s sport limits. But Lienau has diffi culties in perceiving the Community
sense of the pilgrimage, the collective form of piety. Mirel Banică’s fi eld observations are important
because they allow theologians to have a comprehensive understanding of one’s existential experience,
which the faithful acquire through accepting and self imposing an effort collectively undertaken
with other pilgrims and understood as useful to increase their faith in God.
KEYWORDS: pilgrimage, Detlev Lienau, Mirel Bănică