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Faith and philosophy in the poetry of Yvonne Rossignon

MARIA VAIDA, Faith and philosophy in the poetry of Yvonne Rossignon
Yvonne Rossignon’s work comprises predominantly poetry, but there are also translations, interviews,
articles in the journals of her time at home or abroad. Even if we consider her work as that of
a minor writer, which is not the case, and even if her poems are not equal in terms of value and they
are sometimes prosaic, Yvonne deserves to be taken out of the shadow where other interwar writers,
especially some of those of exile, are placed. A fundamental coordinate in Yvonne Rossignon’s
poetry is the philosophical-religious topic, very rare in Romanian feminine poetry. In Yvonne Rossignon’s
poetry, we fi nd a bond, typically religious, even theological, but not dogmatic, between her
lyrical self and God, that takes the form of a pantheism of signifi cant things, considering that divinity
is identical with the whole nature and is omnipresent in manifestations. The philosophical-religious
theme discreetly expresses the being’s longing for that original and pure space, for the edenic
garden of heaven, that from before the ancestral sin, whose beauty and harmony are unspeakable.
The philosophical-religious theme is part of the very poetical essence of her creative being, her
grace is not acquired as a consequence of an biographical accident (French father, Oltenian mother,
Romanian schools, life in exile), but is a plenary manifestation of the divine in the human, of the
light kernel of the divinity in the human soul.
KEYWORDS: Yvonna Rossignon, interwar writers, exile, philosophical-religious theme, poetry