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Under the eyes of the Saints

SORINA ELENA AMIRONESEI, Under the eyes of the Saints. Icon painter Todor Mitrovic in Bucharest
This article represents a record of an event that included a book release and an exhibition opening,
both of them being about Todor Mitrovic. The results of Todor Mitrovic’s theoretical research
and technique on painting icons, as well as the fruits of his search for fi nding his own formulas of
representing holiness, harmoniously integrated into the requirements of iconography canons were
fully shown that day in the Byzantine Bookstore in Bucharest. The exhibition brought together
forty icons, most of them of small size, each dedicated to a saint, and some very large, showing our
KEYWORDS: Todor Mitrovic, icons, book release, exhibition opening, holiness, Grigore Popescu