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Our daily frustration

LIDIA STĂNILOAE, Our daily frustration
The article evokes old times and people, being also an opportunity for refl ection in nowadays times.
Decades of terror and persecution led to a decrease in genuine intellectuals. Many died in prison,
stayed in places of torture for a long time, coming out there sick and broken, silenced and isolated
from all points of view. They were no longer needed, there was no need for anyone to keep awake
people’s sanity, dignity, self esteem and respect for others, or to reveal what is right and what is
wrong. And people lived on like this with the hope that one day different times will come. And behold
different times had come and so we ask ourselves: What have they changed? Undoubtedly and
fortunately, there still are genuine intellectuals, honest and informed publicists, with talent, dedication
and culture. And above all, as a sign of great joy, young people that this current pseudo-school
has not deformed are starting to emerge.
KEYWORDS: old times, intelectuals, dignity, false intelectuals, moral fi lth