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The well sinker - living water

IOAN ST. LAZĂR, The well sinker - living water
The author starts from the preface of Valeriu Anania to the dramatic poem Master Manole by Dumitru
Ichim, a theatrical play in which the commentator has envisioned a christic/eucharistic dimension,
due to the metaphor of the well sinker who, through his fi nal fl ight into the afterlife, becomes
the fountain of living water. Like presbytera Nazaria Buga before him, the author of the essay
uses, for the great author and bishop Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania, the same symbolic metaphor that
Constantin Brancusi used for his sculpture Fountain of Haret. In this case, the living water is the
living water of orthodoxy.
KEYWORDS: Metropolitan Bartolomeu, Dumitru Ichim, “Master Manole”, “living water” of the
Holy Ghost, the symbolic metaphor of the well sinker