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Theology and philosophy at Jean-Luc Marion

Nicolae Turcan, Theology and philosophy at Jean-Luc Marion
Jean-Luc Marion is an outstanding representative of “the theological turn of French phenomenology”, his work comprising phenomenological analysis, as well as rich references to Christian theology, to Scripture and Tradition, to the Fathers of the Church and the teachings of Faith. Discussing the relations between theology and philosophy in the work of Marion, this text shows that for Marion, the two meet in a fruitful dialogue, even if they are well demarcated by method and horizon. This demarcation can go through theology itself, which is divided into rational theology, regarded by Marion as a metaphysical figure and therefore outdated, and revealed theology, the only one that can reveal the genuine dimension of theology. The following pages will try to show that Marion practices a philosophical and postmetaphysical apology where both areas find their usefulness and are strictly demarcated.

Keywords: phenomenology and theology, revealed theology, rational theology, metaphysics, apologetics