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“The Orthodoxy” journal in the 50s

Mircea Gelu Buta, “The Orthodoxy” journal in the 50s
The article evokes the activity of The Orthodoxy journal during the communist regime. The church press of those times, though with a small number of journals and only one newspaper, was noted for the depth and variety of studies and articles they published. The worst period of the communist regime, not only here, but also in the other satellite countries of the Soviet Union, was between 1948-1953. The country as well as its secular culture were devastated then, a limited destalinization, also called “the thaw”, beginning only in 1955. As a paradox, in the 50s, the Orthodox church culture has experienced a flourishing of the University and Seminary education  and of the theological literature. The editorial board of the journal “Orthodoxy” of that time consisted of three leading figures of the Romanian theology: Liviu Stan, Teodor M. Popescu and Dumitru St─âniloae (order of the technical box of the journal) and a distinguished theologian, Nicolae Balca, all four being university professors.

Keywords: Romanian Orthodox Church, communist regime, The Orthodoxy journal, theology