TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The avatars of the militant atheism

Ninety years ago, the propaganda apparatus of the still young „Soviet power" launched a signal meant to radicalize the fight against religion. The opportunity for this was the Congress of militant atheists (S`ezd Voinstvuiuscih bezbojnikov), deliberately and viciously scheduled for the first day of the Passover of 1925. Once the ideology of the militant atheism was launched, it will have a longlasting career in Soviet Russia and the satellite countries, overlapping the period with the worst religious constraints and persecutions of the modern era. The so-called „militant atheism" showed its true colors from its first moment of existence, as an extremist and exterminating one: it was not enough that religion had to be „fought against", it also had to be rendered non-existent.


Keywords: atheism, Soviet Russia, religious persecution, anti-religious propaganda, Communist Party congresses