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Paul Sterian’s work as seen by literary critics

Camelia Suruianu, Paul Sterian’s work as seen by literary critics
Although Paul Sterian’s poetic work was not very substantial in quantitative terms, it has aroused the interest of the literary critics, among whom: Perpessicius, Ovid S. Crohmălniceanu, Dumitru Micu, Virgil Ierunca, Marin Diaconu, Dan C. Mihăilescu, Victor Durnea. His poetic volumes, The Akathist of Saint Paraskeva the New (1931), Preparing for the last journey (1932), Arabian poems. Verses from One thousand and one nights (1933) and The War unseen. The life of deification of our father St. Paisios the Great (1944), hold in their structure numerous mystical reverberations that deserves to be brought back to the attention of the readers.

Keywords: Burning Bush, akathist, literary critics, poetry