TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Nothing new under the sun

Dumitru Horia Ionescu, Nothing new under the sun
The believer, who fears God, has the certitude of an existential balance, that came together with his new life in Christ, a balance that he was unable to know before the Resurrection of the Lord. This balance of the heart is the foundation of a new existence, a new human condition, enriched by the opportunity to choose between good and evil. Only in this sense, of a choice in our daily life, we can say that, by freely choosing the good, we are masters of our destiny. The unbeliever, who fiercely refuses any form of dialogue with divinity, is forced to seek, as a basic condition of life, a purpose for his existence, a purpose for which it is worth living. The man who refuses God, but wants to lead a fair and dignified life, will lean towards an ethical system able to provide him the necessary emotional stability. Perhaps anyone, whether atheist or religious, can reach a moral level that allows him to strictly observe ethical standards assessed in a unanimously accepted moral system. The atheist will stop here, at following the rules, because beyond the ethical standards he has set as norms, there is nothing. Everything stops in an apotheosis of correct social behavior. For the God-loving man, moral is a beginning, a prerequisite to move beyond any system that we invented ourselves.

Keywords: believer, atheism, etics, life in Christ