TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Christian Bioethics in the Secular Medical System

Mircea Gelu Buta, Christian Bioethics in the Secular Medical System
The contemporary dominant myth is that medicine was taken out of the darkness and ignorance of religion, and that it was conceived as a science and born out of technology. Christians feel but a huge disorientation when they use medical systems that were separated from the theological lineage. If, on one hand, there is a secular medicine that suppresses its own moral commitments, there is also a Christian medicine, where research and care programs come from God’s love of His creation and the endowment of the latter with Grace. The Grace of the Divine Liturgy can even save us from the seduction offered by secular medicine, a medicine that is closer to magic than miracle.

Keywords: Christian bioethics, secularization, spirituality.