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Writer Anca Sîrghie at CASA ROMÂNĂ from Hayward

Gheorghe Naghi, Writer Anca Sîrghie at CASA ROMÂNĂ from Hayward
This article represents the chronicle of a cultural event held in California and whose protagonist was writer Anca Sîrghie. In the presence of the Romanians living in the surroundings, writer Anca Sîrghie, professor at the University “Alma Mater”, has lectured on From Mihai Eminescu to Lucian Blaga and Radu Stanca. The event included the said conference where Anca Sîrghie spoke warmly about the latest research on Mihai Eminescu’s life and literary interpretation of poems, then insisted on the topic of Blaga’s genius that got the best of the poet till the end, despite any hardships. The conference concluded with the presentation of the tragic fate of the poet and playwright Radu Stanca, a peerless baladist of the Romanian literature. Hayward literary meeting continued with a documentary film entitled Lucian Blaga in Elena Daniello’s memories and a Blaga poetry recital, followed by the release of the new book signed by writer Anca Sîrghie and entitled Lucian Blaga and his last muse.

Keywords: Anca Sârghie, Romanians at Hayward - California, cultural event, Mihai Eminescu, Lucian Blaga, Radu Stanca