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The spiritual testament of father Andrei Scrima


In the "Preface" of the volume Time of the Burning Bush. The spiritual master in the Eastern tradition, Andrei Pleşu confesses about his inability to clasify the author, Fr Andrei Scrima, or to understand him in a non-contradictory way, or to assimilate him. Relationship, meeting, communion, Eucharist, Love are aspects linking the texts of this volume. The first text is the testament-letter of Father John the Foreigner, so a spiritual gift in the relationship between the one who prays and the disciple, relationship which will be described in its generality within the Eastern Christian tradition in the last text of the book. The second text is an elaborate hermeneutics of the spiritual experience and its milestones which were crystallized in and through the person of Father John the Foreigner and now it is passed down to the sons in the Spirit. This experience is one of the relationship of knowing the Lord, θέωσις. Finally, the third text of the four is the historical account of this experience, the description of several meetings shaped by a "founding meeting".

Keywords: Father Andrei Scrima, Burning Bush, John Culâghin, the group from Antim