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The Book of Daniel


The article is an essay on Daniel Ilie Turcea`s biographical volume Urme în veșnicie (Traces into eternity) (ed. Doxology 2013). This book is not only a biography of an (outstanding!) poet, but a hagiography. The subject of this biography is one of the greatest poets of his generation and not only: Daniel Turcea, ignored by the mainstream of the official(ized) canon; and the author, whose name does not appear on the cover, is the poet`s sister, Mrs. Lucia Turcea. It feels that this book was written in the order of the sacred gesture and under its tension, the only gesture that can project the poet in full light. His biography is illustrative for his bohemian generation, but also for the historical context. Daniel Turcea is an extraordinary mystic poet. Poet of the unapproachable light, of hymnical glorifying and of the prayer of the heart. This is where his reconsideration should begin. And the present biography offers an exceptional starting material.

Keywords: Daniel Turcea, poetry, "Epiphany" mystical