TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Holy and Holiness


This study intends to clarify certain aspects of the concepts of holy and holiness, defining concepts for Christians. In this regard, it underlines some fundamental ideas: renewal and deification of the human nature of Jesus Christ as grounds of sanctification and deification of man, and holiness and sanctification, as work of the Holy Spirit in the Church. Christ is the source of the sacraments and the sanctification, which ensure the communion of saints and all are called to holiness. Sacramental holiness, which has its beginning and foundation in the Baptism and made perfect by other Sacraments (Chrismation and Eucharist), is a true holiness, it is our participation in Christ`s holiness. It remains for our future attempts to show how the Church and the sacraments are perceived today and how much they enrich our spiritual life.

Keywords: holy, holiness, sacraments, communion, deification