TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The influence of the Athonite Academy in ecclesiastical and cultural life in Greece and Orthodox countries

The Athonite Academy or Athoniada, founded around 1750 (1743), made an important contribution to cultural life and education in Greece, but also in South East Europe through many brilliant teachers and students as Eugene Vulgaris and Nicephorus Theotokis, who taught at various schools in Greece, Russia and the Romanian Principalities, respectively, at the Royal Academies in Iasi and Bucharest. Next to them, we should mention Neophyte the Kavsokalivit and a former brilliant student of the Athonite Academy, Joseph Moesiodax, also called the Moesiodac or Dobrogeanul who taught at the Royal Academies of Iasi and Bucharest.

Keywords: the Athonite Academy, Greece, Mount Athos, Eugene Vulgaris, Nicephorus Theotokis, Neophyte the Kavsokalivit, Joseph Moesiodax, Royal Academies of Iasi and Bucharest