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Ioan St. Lazăr, Tânărul Anania. „Îngerul cu barbă" (Young Anania. The Angel with Beard) - literary performance at three "tests": historical, spiritual and artistic


At the end of 2013, literary critic and historian Ioan St. Lazăr, known, among other things, for his two books dedicated to Saint Anthimus of Iberia, came with a serial project called Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania or Grelele cuvintelor. The project started with the volume Valeriu Anania - Icoane de inceput, biographical essay (Science, Ed. Rotipo, 2013, 242 p.) which evokes mainly the "formative years" of the great theologian-writer. Shortly after the appearance of this first volume of the project, Ioan St. Lazăr published the second volume: Tânărul Anania. „Îngerul cu barbă" Cluj-Napoca, Renaissance Publishing, 2014, 421 p.) - the fruit of a long laborious documentation and interpretation and of an ingenious dramatic exercise, original application of the "theater workshop" of Petre Ţuţea and of the "generalized dialogue" of Mihai Şora. This second volume presents his hero avatars over only seven years, from 1941 to 1948. Each chapter mentioned above follows closely, as the main source, Valeriu Anania`s Memoirs published in 2008. Through the voices of his "characters", Ioan St. Lazăr underlines, as the writer he evokes, the dramatic humanity of the trials of fate to which his hero is subjected by the context.

Keywords: Ioan St. Lazăr, Valeriu Anania, student strike in 1946, monastic vocation, literature