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Verses to comfort the soul (Schemanun Xenia)


N. A Ursu, searching through the manuscripts in the Romanian Academy Library, found ("decades ago") a manuscript, nr. 1.470, containing lyrics and which, "as the title page has the following entry: "1826, iuli 30 Xenia shimonahia" (1826, july 30, schemanun Xenia). It is a genuine volume of poems, of religious inspiration, written with great devotion but a little naive in its lyrical expression, by a less cultivated hand, but a volume which represents, in fact, an authentic testimony of the artistic and literary creation of those times that Eugen Simon called, so plastic, the morning of the poets. This article is a chronic to this volume, published in Chisinau in 2012.

Keywords: N. A Ursu, Schemanun Xenia, mănăstirea Agapia, poezie religioasă