TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Al. Mironescu, the "Burning Bush" group and "Antim Ivireanu" Monastery


During the thirthies and the fourthies of the last century, several events promoted "Antim Ivireanu" the monastery from Bucharest as an ecclesiastical and cultural center with outstanding interests and achievements. This was the consequence of the spiritual needs of those times, which brought there many clergymen and worshipers, mostly intellectuals and artists. This article examines the historical preliminaries concerning the revival of religious and cultural activity at the Monastery "Antim Ivireanu" of Bucharest, practical prayer emerging from our Christian Orthodox tradition, anti-religious persecution and its consequences.

Keywords: Monastery "Antim Ivireanu" "Burning Bush" movement, Alexandru Mironescu, prayer, hesychasm, monasticism, communist persecution