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Nine Decades of Theological Orthodox Studies at University Level at Cluj-Napoca - Historical References -


The article Nine Decades of Theological Orthodox Studies at University Level at Cluj-Napoca - Historical References - presents some aspects of its history, when it was called Theological Institute (1924-1925), with three years of study; Theological Academy (1925-1948), with four years of study; Theological Institute at University Level (1948-1952), with four years of study and the right to grant the title of University Degree in Theology; in June 1952 the communist regime of Romania abusively closed it; it was restored in 1992 by a group of teachers from the Orthodox Theological Seminary of Cluj-Napoca, led by Professor Alexandru Moraru, Ph D; during 1990-1992, it functioned under the name of Theological Institute of University Level, and from October 1 1992 until nowadays, as Faculty of Orthodox Theology of "Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca; in time, important professors taught there, among whom: Andrei Buzdug, Orest Bucevschi, Liviu Galaction Munteanu (martyred in 1961), Gheorghe G. Stănescu, Vasile Petraşcu, Ioan Lupaş, Isidor Todoran, Nicolae Balca, Alexandru Filipaşcu (martyred in 1952), Ioan Zăgrean, Petru Deheleanu and others; at the same time, the outstanding professors from 1990 until nowadays; hierarchs such as: Metropolitan Bishop Antonie Plămădeală, Bishop Ioachim Mareş, Bishop Macarie Drăgoi, Bishop Timotei Lauran, Bishop-Dean Iustin Hodea Sigheteanul studied there at bachelor or doctorate level; a great number of meritorious teachers of Theology, administrative deans, counsellors, inspectors, rectors and priests of our Church.

The meritorious hierarchs Nicolae Ivan (1921-1936), Nicolae Colan (1936-1957), Teofil Herineanu (1957-1992), Bartolomeu Anania (1992-2010) and Andrei Andreicuţ led the destinies of the Orthodox University Studies of Cluj-Napoca; the Metropolitan Andrei Andreicuţ founded again this Faculty of Theology by approving and supporting materially the construction of new buildings, according to the requests of modern teaching.

Keywords: Institute, Academy, Faculty, Theology, Cluj-Napoca