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Constantin Brâncoveanu – model of dedication –


The article sketches a spiritual portrait of the great prince Constantin Brâncoveanu. The approach is less characterized by the rigors of historical dates and events, but it rather gives freedom of expression to the warm heart of the author. It`s a wholehearted sketch of a ruling dynasty that lends us a position of great loftiness not only in Europe, but worldwide. And even in heaven.

Brâncoveanu Constantin

Old boyar and Christian lord...

This is the way people perceived him, his people, the ones who dedicated this beautiful ballad to him. Yes, Brâncoveanu was a boyar, he was a lord and he was a christian. He belonged to a very old house of boyars, not a boyar who appeared over night due to some ambiguous situations. He was a true lord; at first, he was one through his lineage but he was also a lord as a consequence of his studies, his moral and intellectual status. He was a lord before being a ruler. And he was a christian. Not just because he was baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity, but because he took on this quality with responsibility, with a burning love for what it means to be a friend of Jesus Christ. He understood this friendship to its fullness and he sealed it with his great sacrifice - which brought his sainthood.

Keywords: Constantin Brâncoveanu, Valeriu Anania, Brancovan epoch, Brancovan founders, Brancovan dynasty, martyrdom