TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Orthodoxy as confession of national consciousness (His Beatitude Iustin Moisescu)


In this article, the author explores the fifth volume of the Patriarch Iustin`s works (Anastasia Publishing, Bucharest, 2003) and insists on the personality of Metropolitan Dosoftei of Moldavia, to commemorate 290 years since his birth (October 26, 1624). The approach is not strictly theological, although considerations in this regard are not missing, but it is rather widely and punctually emphasizing his contribution in the epoch, his struggles and aspirations for imposing national language in religious activities in all Romanian provinces, a process in which Dosoftei was involved with all his strenghts. Patriarch Iustin`s study dedicated to metropolitan Dosoftei, not too large but very dense, highlights the essential meaning of his Orthodox and patriotic ministry.

Keywords: Metropolitan Dosoftei of Moldavia, Patriarch Iustin, Romanian, religious books, the Book of Psalms