TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Books of worship and Christian education, offered by Prince Constantin Brancoveanu to the Orthodox Romanians of Şcheii Brasovului and the neighboring lands


The reign of Constantin Brâncoveanu in Walachia has a great importance for the Romanian culture. Numerous ecclesiastical ministrations and Orthodox teaching books were printed in the printing centers from Bucharest, Snagov, Târgoviște, Râmnic and Buzău. Some of these works crossed the Carpathians and contributed to keeping the Orthodox faith by the Romanians in Transylvania in a time when the Calvinist Hungarians and the Catholic Austrians were hard trying to bring the Orthodox Romanians to their own Churches.

As a result of the aid received from ruler Constantin Brâncoveanu, Metropolitan Antim Ivireanu and other prominent figures of Walachia, the Romanians from Șchei were able to support the school from St. Nicholas Church, a very important point for the Orthodox faith and national being.


Keywords: printing, Antim Ivireanu, books, Schei Brasov