TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The Cross in the Brancovan art - An architectural overview


The martyr prince Constantin Brancoveanu is a special presence in history, mostly due to the complexity of her artistic endeavour, unique in the Romanian Country. None of the of artistic areas has not been set aside, architecture, painting and sculpture, embroidery and metal adornments, prints and miniatures, all were included in a synthesis that carries with justified pride and the name of "Brancovan art". As natural for such a christian manifestation, many are also the versions of the cross in the Brancovan art, someone`s attention being drawn, of course by those visible at first glance, such as those painted, printed or sculpted, in all kind of shapes, sizes and versions. But this study is oriented towards another kind of reading the cross, which is an architectural one, where the cross is perceived from another point of view, which outlines it in a very special way, a cross still visible, but not from the solely wordly level of the usual perception, in which we use to see world and everything that surround us.