TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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A Byzantine metaphor in two - Brancovan acts


Author`s attention was kept by the acts, not just a few, illustrating constant and unreserved support that prince Constantin Brancoveanu granted to orthodoxy from outside his country, south of the Danube, the current Greece, Greek and Arabic East, but especially to the Romanian world of Transylvania. For the latter, four documents are briefly discussed which fully confirms it. There are two documents from the office of Constantin Brancoveanu, both reproduced in the book of the Great Chancellor, recently edited entirely, comparing Orthodox Metropolitan of Transylvania with a ship on the waves of the sea, striking and afflicted by "many kinds of heretic unbelievers" that implied "receptor" confessions, in the first document of May 25, 1698, or by "many kinds of languages", in the second act of June 15, 1700, that designated non-Romanian nations of "Unio Trium Nationum".

Keywords: Constantin Brancoveanu, orthodoxy, Transylvania, documents