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Journey to the center of the heart - an analytical approach of voiculescu`s mysticism


In the poetic creation of Vasile Voiculescu, one can see two stages. If in the first part, the writer verses the well-known biblical parables, vhere the Angel, the Saints, the miracles occupy a special place, in the last part of his life, the writer leaps to mystical poetry, particularly typical for the hesychast literature. Thus, it is noticed, in the spirit of Saints Symeon the New Theologian and Ephrem the Syrian, on one hand the path of deification, on the other hand the obstacles that he surpasses. Vasile Voiculescu, practitioner of the hesychastic prayer, discreetly transcribes in his poems something from the joy of receiving the Holy Spirit in his heart.

Keywords: poet, heart, prayer, mystical hesychast.