TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Listening to Ţuţea


The author refers in this article to the personality of the philosopher and thinker Petre Ţuţea. Petre Ţuţea was a man hardened by hardships, an educated and vivacious man.

He had a peculiar spontaneity, honestly speaking the truth without fear of the authorities of his time. Through what he stated he manifested a belief, he expressed his attitude and his inner strength, even if his words were uncomfortable for some people. Peter Ţuţea was perhaps the only man during the communist dictatorship period, who said aloud everything he believed. He was never hesitating, never ashamed of his beliefs. His eloquence was wrapped in a fresh figurative language and he liked to talk. Atheist in his youth, later Ţuţea became an earnest believer.

Keywords: Petre Ţuţea, spontaneity, eloquence, culture, faith