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Martyr bishop dr. Nicolae Popoviciu of Oradea, a personality of Bihor culture in the first half of the XXth century


Bishop Nicolae Popoviciu of Oradea is an emblematic personality of the Romanian culture in Transylvania, on the western border of Romania in the first half of the twentieth century. The Bishop of Oradea had a rich cultural activity. He excelled, as I showed before, while still a student, in exercising his pen, publishing numerous studies, articles and polemics in various publications. His bachelor and PhD thesis - The Beginnings of Nestorianism. With special consideration for anathemas of St. Cyril, 1931 and, respectively, Eucharistic Epiclesis, 1933 - are of great importance, the latter being considered the most important work relating to dogmatic foundation of this issue. Bishop Nicolae Popoviciu wrote only one volume of sermons suggestively titled Altar slabs, printed in Beiuş in 1942. To this day, his works constitute a rich treasure of spiritual edification with rightful exhortations to selfless work, not only for the priests, but for all the intellectuals who love their Church and nation. Besides all these, there are many other articles in several magazines and periodicals which reveal the rich cultural activity of the martyr bishop Dr. Nicolae Popoviciu.

Keywords: Bishop Dr. Nicolae Popoviciu, cultural, bachelor thesis, PhD thesis, volume of sermons