TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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A church for the suburb of Cărămidarii de Sus


The article presents the story of how the church "Sf. Nicolae-Grozăveşti" from Bucharest was built in the former suburb of Cărămidarii de Sus, as well as the work of a few priests who served at this church`s altar. Although it was in an area that has experienced many urbanistic transformations, some of them brutal and even barbarian, especially during the penultim decade of the last century, when a series of orthodox churches in Bucharest had been demolished with bulldozers and hammer picks, the church Sf. Nicolae-Grozăveşti remained in place, protected by the divine grace and the prayers of the faithful. Today, near the plants of Grozăveşti and next to one of the huge feet of the concrete bridge of Basarab, a patch of rare beauty of the old Bucharest is kept intact, with a pair of parish houses maintaining the cozy style of the romanian civil architecture a century ago, with trees and shrubs, grass and flowers circling a house of the Lord of moderate size, but second to none among the churches of Bucharest.

Keywords: the church "Sf. Nicolae-Grozăveşti", Bucharest, servant priests