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Father Benedict Ghius, the confessor


This article highlights the great confessor, father Benedict Ghius, outstanding personality of the 21st century romanian church life. The author note the nobility of his behavior, which was the seal of his spiritual life`s genuiness and a spiritual and physical inheritance from his parents. He was a well-balanced man: the serenity of his face showed it, his pure gestures, reduced to a minimum, confirmed it, because everything he was doing came from an inner calm, the calm of someone who constantly prays and forgives those who trespassed against him. The tactfulness to conduct a discussion in the spirit of the right faith, his vaste general culture, never blatant, but perceived through every word and especially through his natural, measured and condescendent way of speaking brought him the utmost respect of the faithful visiting him and even of the eclesiastical fora.

Keywords: Father Benedict Ghius, religious field, confession, serenity