TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Social philanthropy, historical and topical marks


The missionary activity is a part of the Church, it is in its nature; it is not connected only to the apostolical character of the Church, but to all its attributes, including unity, sanctity and apostolicity. You can point out several aspects in the missionary activities of the Church, aspects which are closely linked together and influencing each other: catechization, testimony, deaconate. The origin of philanthropy lies in the eternal coexistence and mutual love of the persons who form the Holy Trinity. Therefore, following Christ involves giving up your own wealth and adopting a lifestyle in absolute solidarity with the poor and the despised in order to express and to implement the love of God the Father. Although the essence of the christian mission consists in preaching the gospel of forgiveness, resurrection and eternal life, such preaching is valid and effective only if it is not isolated from the Gospel of love, through which the Christians are recognized as apprentices of Jesus Christ, through their deeds of compassion and participation in the suffering of their fellow humans. The author considers the matter of philanthropy in respect to the apostolic and post-apostolic period and to the Holy Fathers of the IVth century. The social-philanthropic projects that are currently runing throughout the county of Bistrita-Nasaud are also presented.

Keywords: philanthropy, missionary activity, love, social projects