TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Approaching the fast from a spiritual and missionary perspective


The study deals with fundamental aspects regarding the fast, as an ascetical work of the christian. Based on the revelation of the true living God, judaism and then christianism have practiced fasting as a restraining from food and drinks during a limited amount of time for a religious and moral purpose, as a way of fullfilling the will and orders of God through a cleansed life, free from abuses and depravity, on the ground that as God is sacred by its very nature, so the man, to be in communion with God, is called upon to live his life in worship. In this context we should highlight the originality of the christian fast, which is different from a diet that is rationally dealt with measure and self-restraining, and also different from the ritualistic way in which it was practiced in various religions; namely, the specificity of the christian fasting lies in its spiritual approach, standing out, in the context of prayer, as merciful love heading, in a missionary way, for our fellow humans life.

Keywords: fast, diet, ritual, restraining, mission, instinct, virtue, prayer, sacrifice