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Biblical echoes in Constantin Brâncuși`s "Masa tăcerii" (Table of silence)

At the anniversary of 75 years from the inauguration of Brâncuși`s sculptural ensemble in Târgu Jiu and of 97 years of commemoration of the heroes who died in the World War I, we wanted to publish this article, written, for the most part, almost 5 years ago, in the memory of the unique artist Constantin Brâncuși. I have tried to highlight the echoes of The Last Supper in the sculpture "Masa tăcerii" (Table of silence) located exactly where the romanian soldiers sacrificed themselves in the battles of 1916.
For that purpose, we relatively presented three elements of reference: the text of the Holy Scripture, the icon of The Last Supper and Brâncuși`s masterpiece "Masa tăcerii" (Table of silence).  
The name of the scuplture, the form of the table and of the seats, their number and positioning, as well as the testimonies of the artist are just a few of the items which highlight  the moment of The Last Supper and its deep meaning vividly transposed and transmitted over centuries into eternity, by the one who has been called the Saint of Montparnasse.
Keywords: Constantin Brâncuși, sculpture, "Masa tăcerii" (Table of silence), the icon "Cinei celei de Taină" (The Last Supper)