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The saint of the Romanian literature. 50 Years from his death



Vasile Voiculescu is one of the saints of the romanian literature. Faithful up to ascetic dedication, he has been chased, locked in jail several times, literally left to die of starvation, boycotted, neglected, outcast, stoically suffering with dignity all the blows of his fate and of his nation that he has served with commitment. Living in an inside exile, the man of culture and the writer Vasile Voiculescu have never ceased to blacken the paper, to talk to the unknown, to develop new and new verses which confess an unshakable faith. In the hard times from 1947 to 1958, as shown in the annotation at the bottom of the poems in the volume Trip to the place of the heart, he has written several volumes of religious poems, and a lot of prose which made him famous. Living his life as a traveller "through the wildwood of images", V. Voiculescu remained, up to his final breath, a traveler toward the golden gate of paradise, craving to receive the encouraging look of the Lord`s angel, craving for the on-coming of the light from above. He had gradually turned into an anchorite of the verse, in an ascet of the thought and a servant of man and God. His entire poetry stays under the sign of a certain religious fervor which cannot be denied nor ignored. He is the poet who fully lives in the horizon of the orthodoxy and who brought, together with Nichifor Crainic, a substantial contribution to the definition of the Gândirea ortodoxy, through a work which is touched, from the very first moment, by a deeply metaphysical air, with a verse that is moistened in the waters of a christian world filled with God.

Keywords: Vasile Voiculescu, poetry, faith, religious fervor/ ardour