TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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Love as the foundation for a christian spiritual life and mission


In the context of the market economy in the era of globalization, when money, pleasure and power are highly coveted to ensure personal comfort, we witness the mobilisation of all energies for this purpose, to the detriment of the life spiritual, which is less and less highlighted. Thus, an advocacy of nurturing christian spiritual values, imperative for a proper conduct of life, is above all an advocacy of normality and responsibility, and the Church stands for it through its missionary works. When we speak about love as the foundation for a christian mission, we should point out its original aspect and not the antinomy of the sin which abases and its meaning. Christian mission based on love updates God`s merciful love until the end of times, love that is shown in our Lord Jesus Christ`s incarnation, sacrifice and Resurrection, through the Holy Ghost`s work of making the world holy and redeaming it.

Keywords: love, virtue, pleasure, normality, mission