TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The Role of the Priest`s Wife in the Life and Mission of the Priest

The lives of the priest and of his wife are both similar and different from those of other Christians. They are similar with regard to the mystery of matrimony and different with regard to the mystery of priesthood. This text identifies the place, the role, and the responsibility of the priest`s wife in this beautiful, special, earthly and heavenly mission of the priest. The family, ecclesia domestica, is where the priest`s wife assumes her role and fulfills her first mission. How? By caring for her husband, by offering support to her husband, by raising and educating their children, by completing household duties, and by showing concern for her own education and profession. Sometimes it`s simple, sometimes it`s complicated. She lives between what she has to do and what she can do. Today more than ever, family in general and priest`s family in particular face small or great difficulties and temptations.


Keywords: priest, priest`s wife, mission, family, difficulties