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The Reception of Father Dumitru Stăniloae in the Romanian Academic Theology


Two decades after father Dumitru Stăniloae left us, the reception of his theological work represents a certain and ample reality, as illustrated at a national level, in the university theological education system, by the interest of the professors of dogmatic theology to use, build on, and promote among students the unmatched contribution of the most known, translated, commented, and interpreted Orthodox Romanian theologian.

The conventions, the conferences, the symposiums, and all the other scientific manifestations that took place in these two decades have made a substantial contribution to the reception of father Stăniloae`s work; have led to the deepening by Romanian theologians of various themes dealing with dogmatic theology, apologetics and mystics in his vast work; have creatively impregnated their thoughts; and the results of these researches have become volumes of theology.

Theology papers focused on the research of father Stăniloae`s theological work and thinking, along with doctoral theses, master dissertations, and undergraduate theses written with the same purpose resulted in directing the Romanian theology towards the neo-patristic movement, diligently illustrated and cultivated by father Stăniloae in all his works.

The reissuing of father Stăniloae`s works or the issuing for the first time of all his published articles – His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel`s initiative of ample academic resonance – ensures as we speak and will keep on ensuring good access to his work, to researchers, professors, students, men of culture, priests, monarchs, believers, interested to enrich their theological and spiritual horizon, to fasten their knowledge and spiritual life in the safe grounds of the theology, spirituality and the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church.

Keywords: Father Dumitru Stăniloae, theology, dogmatic theology, work, reception