TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The Sermons of St. Hier. Met. Antimos of Iberia - First-Hand Sources for Today`s Preachers. Concrete Examples


This study is about the Didahii [sermons], as valuable evidence of the Antimos of Iberia`s homiletic work. Following the author`s intentions, as confessed in the beginning, this study is not for scholars, theologians or philologists, but generally for priests and preachers with little experience, with the purpose to stimulate their interest in a personal reading of the Didahii and to put the themes, the stylistic strategies, and the ideas, which are mostly contemporary, into value. On the other side, the listing of some representative bibliographic landmarks is meant to help those who want to think out the meaning of the Didahii from a theological and stylistic point of view.

Keywords: Didahii, pulpit, bibliography, context, examples