TABOR - Tradition and Contemporaneity in the Romanian Orthodox Church
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The Sacrament of Confession (Repentance) Mirrored in the Metropolitan Martyr Antimos of Iberia`s Didahii


The most important work of Metropolitan Antimos of Iberia (1708-1716) was the Didahii [sermons], a book of sermons for the different Sundays and feast days of a liturgical year; it contains teachings of faith, moral and social guidance. The present study focuses on the Sacrament of Confession as it was sermonized by Metropolitan Antimos of Iberia; it is a compulsory sacrament for each Christian and, as a result, God forgives people`s sins and they hope to redeem in eternal life.

Keywords: Antimos of Iberia, Metropolitan, theologian, man of letters, preacher, confession